We seek to ensure the health and safety of employees by providing safe working conditions, by developing safe work practices and by providing employee safety training. 

All management functions comply with the safety policy and government legislation as they relate to planning, maintenance of facilities and equipment. 

We recognize that accidental loss can be controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement. Safety is the direct responsibility of everyone. 

We require all contractors working on our behalf to comply with all government health and safety legislation and Interoute Construction Ltd. Guidelines.

We promote and support the activities of the Safety Committee, whose objective is to encourage participation of employees in the identification, evaluation and solution of health and safety concerns in the workplace through discussion, inspection and education. 

All Managers and Supervisors are responsible for providing instruction on appropriate safety policies.

All Managers and Supervisors shall monitor and ensure that employees adhere to the safety policies. 

We are committed to an annual review of all safety policy and procedures. This review shall be based on an analysis of all records and statistics of the previous year.

Based on the review and recommendations made by the safety committee, supervisors and workers, management shall improve job procedures and plan for training where needed to promote the safest possible working conditions.